Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We moved to NUNN CO!

L has wanted land for years. He would bring me to a plot or property and we'd take a look. Then we'd talk about the problems and issues that it lacked or had that were or werenot livable.
A few weeks ago we looked at this property. I was impressed at its availible living space and the rooms inside. I also could see the place as very liveable. Unlike others with scary miniscule rooms or brown/black bath tiles and toilets, cigarette smells in the walls or no neighbors in sight...... this place needed paint and that was about it. Hurray for that!
The next week L tells me we are meeting the owner. Then all the details tumbled quickly into my lap. The day after the visit with the owner the movers arrived and we were getting our house packed up! Wow fast!
Then we began the lengthy process of moving in and unpacking!
L is excited to have freedom to do anything he would like! Ham radio antenea, a big veggi garden, a few animals. Live off the land ect.
I am very busy now making the house a home.
The girls love it and tell everyone they can be real cow girls now. M tells everyone she has a 6 car garage. Which is hillarious for her to take note of!
House is a ranch style with a walk out basement.