Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paul Family

Hello, I thought I better start participating since D-lyn has done such a nice job with her posts. We just got family pictures done, so I thought I would share our smiling faces. Our family is really enjoying this area. Can't wait to see everyone in September.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Following the P Family Tradition we went to Manassa CO for the Pioneer Celebration!
At 4 am we got up and got the girls into the car and set off on the 6 hour drive!
We arrived at Uncle G's and then walked down to his truck (he'd parked across the street from the chapel) to sit and watch the Parade!
The girls were excited! Cousins always have fun together!

The theme this year was about Makebelive Characters. The floats were full of popular animated characters! Cinderella, Shrek, Mater from CARS, and lots of Nursery rhymes too.
T'ph was super excited when donkey from Shrek came and shouted to him. Of course we got a picture with him!!!

After all these fun Parade floats, we went to the park by the Demsey Museum. The girls played and the Adults split up: a few to watch the girls and a few to get burgers! It took over an hour to get burgers! Wow! The girls didn't mind playing that long. Poor Lilypad fell off the merry-go-round into the mud and ended up in Ju Ju's shorts rather than her own mud soaked pair!
It was cool in the shade, so we didn't realize how sun burnt we got!

L caught up with Grandpa B!Look at those two handsome guys!

After visiting with Grandpa and arranging a lunch for Monday we began our drive to the Mountain Cabin!
Originally Homesteaded by L's Great Grandpa T, the family has been coming and spending summer vacation time here nearly every year!

It is so beautiful up there!
I had to take some pictures!
Of course the girls had to play on the gate!
I think that is a tradition too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fourth of July FUN!

The morning of the fourth we went to a breakfast at the church. They had a childrens bike parade. Lil rode her tricycle around wearing a stars and stripes hat. She loved it.

Then we drove up to Fort Collins to my parents.
We all were there!!! (only exceptions are my brother J who is in Brazil on a Mission, and Mer's husband J who is in California and couldn't take off from his acting part)
So... D-lyn, Ke-ton, Mer, Cari, LJ, Spenc, ChrisT, and S-beth were all together.
We had a carnival theme for our activities. I put together a penny toss, fishing for prizes, and painted a picture with Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross with the faces open so you can stand behind and your face is now theirs

Mer painted faces. Mom with LJ and her husband had a cute 3 little pigs set up. so we could build with straws, sticks, and blocks ect.

We swam alot. The pool at mom and dad's was full of cousins and even extended family too. LJ's in-laws were there and S, T's brother made sure everone was splashed or dunked or sabotaged when trying to float above the water. :D That made it really fun.

We went to the feild behind the Jr. High to launch model rockets. That was really great for J, ChrisT, actually all the guys were excited about it!

It had rained and we got a really cool rainbow and some awesome sun lit views and bright orange clouds.
We went to the city fireworks. They were the best this year! Sitting in the park and watching the fireworks is so nostalgic.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sharing Fun

In the spirit of Family Sharing I am inviting everyone to join in!
Post a story or a picture!
I thought it would be great to share Family Memories and keep up to date with one anothers lives!
Hope to stay connected!
Lots of the Love,
From all of us!